Medium Custom BJJ Patch

Medium Sublimated Custom BJJ Patch 9" x 9"

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Custom BJJ Patch 9" x 9"

Perfect front gi hits like the lower lapel or even down the lapel if it has more of a horizontal design. Also can work well on the back of the gi under the belt or at the thigh or butt of the pants.
Your artwork will print on durable polyester canvas. The colors are dye sublimated into the fabric which means they won't rub off or fade over time.
Unlimited amount of colors. Whatever you design we can print! From one color to millions of colors. Even photos will print!

Important info about your artwork:
We prefer Adobe Illustrator EPS Vector images
Raster images (photos) should be at 300 dpi
Make sure you own the copyright to your images (This means we can't print your favorite baskteball team or pokemon)
We my charge you extra for any necessary design work to get your artwork right.